Few Words From our Clients

  • As it operates on a free band, there is no need for any Government license or local civic bodies permission for installation and operation of this solution.
  • The entire solution has 3 sector antennas and one BTS and One power supply unit. Together the entire solution weighs not more than 80kgs. The installation footprint is compact and can be installed in an area which is maximum of 6 SQ Ft.
  • This solution does not draw more that 30W of power and as a result requires very little electricity. The solution comes with a 650 VA inverter with single battery which can keep the solution running for over 10 hours in the event of a power outage. For areas where the access to grid power is difficult we provide a solar powered power back up unit which can run the solution for over 30 hours without recharge.
  • To access the Marcatel service, a user has to buy pre-paid recharge coupons which normally have a validity of 30 calendar days and comes in various denominations. Currently these recharge coupons can be procured from the MCE and soon an online option on will also be available. A mobile app to this effect is also being developed and will be deployed soon.

MARCATEL's core offering is an low cost, low power consuming and low maintenance end-to-end communication platform specialized for rural areas, delivering access to internet

MARCATEL Wi-Fi AP Controller which is core of the solution is capable of handling: AAA Authentication, Billing – Prepaid Voucher Generation, Bandwidth Management, Power Control & Battery Management, RF Control, POE for AP's, Remote Access for system maintenance

End user communication is handled either on a standard smartphone or via a Low-cost BLUETOWN HandSet